A List Of the Most Incredible Tourist Attractions in Delhi

New Delhi, the capital of India, has a really fascinating and rich history. Dotted with monuments, forts and spellbinding mosques left over from the Mughal rulers that once lived in the city, this is a place that has stories to tell at every turn. On top of that, the contrast between the New Delhi and Old Delhi is massive and exploring both of these areas is certainly going to help you better understand India’s diverse culture.

Red Fort

Red Fort Delhi India

Red Fort Delhi India

The Red Fort is the most popular monument in Delhi and it’s a strong reminder of the Mughal emperors that once ruled the country. The walls have a rich history: built in sixteen thirty eight in order to keep out invaders, they have many stories to tell about the evolution of Indian culture. However, despite their imposing height of 59 to 108 feet, they failed to protect the fort from being captured by the Sikhs and eventually by the British. If you want to be transported back in time and understand more about life in those times, then don’t miss the 1h sound and light show portraying the fort’s history that’s offered every night.

Jama Masjid

This is the largest mosque in India and is considered one of the most important treasures of the Old City. Construction for the mosque began in 1637 and took thirteen years to be completed. Given its amazingly spacious courtyard, it can fit approximately 25 thousand devotees at any given time. If you have the energy and desire to see some really breathtaking views over Delhi, then you should certainly climb to the top of its S. tower. However, one thing to bear in mind is that you do need to be dressed appropriately if you want to be allowed to visit the mosque. Special attire is available on site.

The Lotus Temple

Set amidst lush green lawns and beautiful clean lakes, the Bahai Temple is an impressive white marble structure that looks very much like a lotus flower. This place is popular not only for its beauty, but also for the fact that total silence prevails around it. The feeling of stepping into a world of calmness and mediation envelops everyone who decides to visit this beautiful and divine place.

Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun Tomb India

Humayun Tomb

Initially, people who visit this tomb believe that it’s just a custom replica of Taj Mahal and the truth is that they’re right. In fact, this tomb was the main structure that the Taj Mahal was inspired by and it’s the eternal resting place of Emperor Humayun of the Mughal people. The tomb also attracts tourists thanks to its handmade designing on marbles and stone, but also its world class Mughal architecture.

Lodi Garden If the city life has taken its toll on you and you’d like to visit a place where you can simply relax, then the Lody garden is the place to visit. Known for its top class park and green lush lawns, you’ll feel as the positive energy here relieves you of your stress and rejuvenates you. While this place is open all days, it’s particularly busy on the seventh day of the week. There are many amazing things that Delhi has to offer, but these aforementioned places are definitely worth special mention. Make sure to make them a priority when visiting India and your time spent there is going to be that much more amazing.

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