India’s Top 4 Finger-licking Dishes Any Tourist Should Try

It’s no news that Indians love their food spicy. If you plan on taking a vacation there soon and you’d like to make sure you get a taste of the best Indian cuisine, then it might be a good idea to check some of the following dishes. Not only are they really spicy, but they’re so incredibly delicious that you’re going to want to cook them every day when you return back home.


Rich in aroma and taste, Rista is a really spicy lamb meatball curry that’s prepared in a wide range of spices, including chili powder, and it tastes absolutely sublime. The meat used in this dish is pounded by hand using large wooden hammers, while the fennel seeds added to the recipe make this curry taste amazing and very different from similar looking red curries. To best enjoy Rista, cumin rice and butter naan are a must.

Laal Maas

Laal MaasWhile the name may not give away anything regarding its divine taste, laal maas is a delicious dish made with red meat. This is basically a semi gravy and kind of thick mutton curry that the locals prepare in hot spices and a sauce of curd. You will notice that compared to other similar dishes, this one is a lot spicier and has a deeper red color and that’s due to the Mathania red chili used to make it.

Phaal Curry

This curry actually originated in the Indian restaurants in the United Kingdom, more specifically Birmingham and should not be confused with the finger food, gravy-less and char grilled phall you can get in Bangalore, India. This is by far one of the hottest curries you can have and it uses a wide range of ground regular chili peppers or some of the hotter types, including the habanero chili or bonnet chili. This is a thick curry based on tomatoes and it includes ginger and sometimes fennel seeds.

Pork Vindaloo

pork vindalooVindaloo is a delicious dish that is enjoyed a lot in Goa and even though there are many variations of this recipe, they generally taste great. For instance, some may enjoy it with lamb or chicken mixed with potatoes, but the traditional recipe, even though it contains the word potato, is a dry sauce based dish that uses Kashmiri chili, jaggery, vinegar, garlic and pork fat. This dish seems to taste a lot better the next day and that’s because the pork meat has enough time to be properly marinated, so keep that in mind if you plan on cooking it at home!

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