Take A Perfect Vacation In the Pictureque and Beautiful Goa, India

Goa BeachA highly popular international tourist destination, Goa is known as the fun capital of India. This place is actually a small state in W. India and given the fact it lies in the Konkan region of the W. Ghats, the exotic biodiversity here makes it an incredible place and one of the main reasons people love to come here. From flea markets to places of religious significant and beautiful sandy beaches, Goa is a complete holiday destination.

The weather here is also moderate, making Goa a great destination regardless of the time of year you wish to visit. Live entertainment on docked ships and shacks are permanent features, while merriment along with music are a part and parcel of daily life.

The Beaches

Goa is just 1429 square miles across and for this small size you’ll be surprised to find out that it actually has a total of thirty six beaches. Even more amazing is the fact that each beach has a certain unique feature that makes it stand out. For example, the beaches in North Goa seem to be the most popular ones, being visited every year not only by the locals, but also by many foreign tourists. On the other hand, even if they aren’t as popular as the rest, the beaches in South Goa seem to be gaining popularity mostly among foreign tourists who want to have a fun, yet relaxing and quiet time.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Goa WaterfallsContrary to what some people may believe, Goa is not only about interesting old churches and beautiful sandy beaches. Given the fact it’s located along the W. Ghats, it is home to a wide range of animals and birds. In fact, approximately twenty percent of Goa consists of sanctuaries and wildlife. Even though they are open all year round though, if you want to experience the best of this place make sure to visit between October to March.

The 2 most popular sanctuaries here are Cotigao and Bhagwan Mahavir (the Mollem National Park is part of it). If you visit the park, you’ll find that on its fringe are the imposing and simply breathtaking Dudhsagar Falls where, just after the monsoon season, the water rages down from a few hundred feet and splashes down in an amazing spectacle that truly showcases the beauty of nature.

Latin Quarter

Panjim, which is Goa’s capital, is a great place to visit and that’s because here you’ll be able to check out the Fontainhas neighborhood. The place was declared a UNESCO heritage Zone in nineteen eighty four and its name comes from the fountain that lies at the foot of the hill. Here lie the homes of the last surviving Portuguese families that lived in the area many years ago and taking a trip in the neighborhood is going to make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Great restaurants, bakeries, art galleries, but also charming shops, narrow lanes and winding streets make for a really special experience in a place that’s undeniably beautiful.

Culture and Architecture

Goa HouseEven though Goa has a UNESCO Heritage Zone, it’s the architectural uniqueness of the many villas and houses here that are going to make you stop and stare for hours. Mixing Hindu Goa and Portuguese styles, you can easily imagine just how beautiful the buildings look here. If you have the time, you may also want to visit Old Goa, where you can visit Wax World, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Christian Art among others. On the other hand, if you want to immerse yourself in the culture even more, then Goa’s beautiful folk dances and music are going to make your day. These generally take place in February, when Goa’s 3 day carnival attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.


Save the air tickets, Goa is probably one of the most affordable holiday destinations you can consider. In fact, it’s so cheap, that you could easily spend an entire day here and spend no more than 8 dollars or about 400 Indian Rupees. As you may already imagine, this is without accommodation, but since there are so many accommodation options here for those traveling on a budget, you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank to take a vacation here. Enjoy your time in Goa and don’t forget to also take as many pictures as you can of this wonderful place.

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