The 5 Most Alluring Tourist Spots In Kerala Every Tourist Should Visit

Located in S. India, the coastal state of Kerala is most of the time referred to as God’s Own Country. The place abounds in unspoiled and lush tropical beauty and is rich in distinctive culture and traditions. However, most people will associate Kerala with tranquil backwaters, complex temple festivals and also elephants. Given the pace of life here is slow, Kerala is the perfect place to have a wonderful, yet relaxing vacation.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters India

Kerala Backwaters

If you want to relax and have a good time in Kerala, then taking a trip in a houseboat along the Kerala canals should certainly be on your to-do list. The experience is made even more enjoyable thanks to the fact that you can easily order chilled beer and freshly cooked Indian food on board. However, for a complete experience, you may want to spend the night on the boat in the middle of the lake. This is pure bliss and for the romantic couples, it offers the great backdrop to a perfect dinner.

Fort Kochi

Mostly referred to as the Gateway to Kerala, Fort Kochi is a charming city with an eclectic history. Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, but also British and Arab people have all influenced this place and left their mark on it. Given the unique historical sites and impressive architecture of Fort Kochi, there’s no wonder tens of thousands of tourists visit it every year.


Sitting 5250 feet above sea leave, Munnar is by far one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Kerala. The cool breeze, modern holiday facilities, but also simple towns and expansive tea plantations make your visit here worth it if you love being surrounded by nature. If you’re lucky, you can also see the neelakurinji flower in person. What makes it so special is that it blooms once every twelve years, meaning that you can visit it just 2 years from now.

Since it’s located at the Idukki district of Kerala State, Munnar can be easily accessed. And since we’re talking about a hill station, summer is the best season you can come to visit.

Idukki Arch Dam

Idukki Dam India

Idukki Dam

Being the first (and largest) arch dam on the continent and ranking second in the world the Idukki Arch Dam lies close to the Cheruthoni barrage. It measures 650 feet in width and is 554 feet high, making it massive by all standards. In its vicinity, you’ll be able to visit the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can see a wide range of wild animals, including protected elephants and tigers.

Kovalam Beach

If you’re a beach lover, then you may already know that Kerala has some of the best beaches in India, with Kovalam being one of them. Popular since the nineties, this beach is the perfect place to get a nice tan and most of all, enjoy a soothing and relaxing day. Since the accommodation facilities here have boomed in the last few years, you can expect high quality services, not to mention great prices which is one of the main reasons so many people come here. Speaking of which, getting to Kovalam beach takes only 30 minutes from Trivandrum.

For a perfect vacation that’s going to help ease your mind and recharge your batteries, there’s no denial that Kerala should be on your list of places to visit. Filled with natural beauty and offering many types of fun, you’re certainly going to greatly enjoy the time you spend here with your family, friends or even on your own.

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