Visiting Taj Mahal For The First Time? Here Are Some Valuable Tips To Enjoy Your Time Here

The morning view of Taj Mahal monumentBuilt in Agra by order of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan between 1631 and 1648, Taj Mahal is an impressively large mausoleum of white marble dedicated to his late wife. The Taj Mahal is one of the modern world’s most imposing and unique monuments and it’s considered the jewel of Muslim art in India, combining Persian, Indian and Muslim elements in a design that’s simply breathtaking.

Therefore, if you plan on visiting Taj Mahal for the first time and you’d like to make the most out of your trip here, then know this: the articles you read in magazines about it are certainly not telling you everything. However, in the paragraphs below, we’ve come up with some tips that’ll help you enjoy your time here to the max and have a great time.

Get there early

One thing you should know about visiting Taj Mahal is that you should get there as early as possible. The monument opens at 6 AM and this means that you should be there right then. That’s because if you’re 10 or 20 minutes late, you’re going to have to wait in line for quite some time. While some people aren’t bothered by this, if you have other plans, then you may want to consider taking this advice seriously.


It’s not recommended to shop in Agra, since the prices here can be even up to one hundred times greater than in other cities. There’s no surprise as to why this is the case: with hundreds of tourists flocking here daily, many of them are certain to buy at least a postcard from Agra which by the way, costs 4x the normal price.

When you should and shouldn’t visit the Taj Mahal

The coolest temperatures in the year are between January and February and this means that during these 2 months visiting Taj Mahal is very much recommended. However, if you do decide to visit in the wintertime, know that your photos may suffer a bit, since the sky can be hazy.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy a comfortable weather, then it’s recommended that you visit between mid April to October and all the way to December. There aren’t too many tourists visiting the monument during these months, so you don’t need to worry about large crowds.

Lastly, it’s not a good idea to visit Taj Mahal between July and all the way to mid-September since this is that time of the year in India when the country experiences heavy rainfall. From mid-April to June the temperatures are very high though, so this is yet again not a good time to visit the popular monument.

No tripods

Last but not least, you should know that if you’re an avid photographer and plan on bringing tripods with you to take pictures, you won’t be allowed to do that. How come? Well, it’s part of Indian law that public monuments shouldn’t be photographed this way, so it’s better to leave yours in the hotel room.

The Taj Mahal is a really amazing place to visit and it’s definitely going to remain in your memory forever. Just make sure though that you keep these tips in mind when planning to visit it, since they’re going to help you enjoy your time there a lot more than you think!

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